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      Adobe Premiere 6.5 & Pro
      Adobe After Effects 6.5
      Ultra 2
      Adobe Photoshop CS2
      Adobe Illustrator CS2
      Dreamweaver MX
      VisualStudio 2005 (DotNet)
      Adobe Acrobat 6 Writer
      WebLab 5
      SampleTank XL

      Cubase SX2
      Soundforge 7
      Acid Pro 4
      CD Architict 5
      Flash MX
      SFx & Animation Software
      Streaming Software
      Win2K/NT4 Server OS
      Win Vista/XP/2K Pro OS
      Reason 2.5
      HaLion 3

      Tons-of VST Plug-Ins AND more...

...Defy Anything Less Than Brilliant...
Shuptioti Innovations: A Digital Recording Studio & Creative Media Productiion House
Tel: 905) 785-2334, Fax:(905) 785-7975, Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address: 6470 Osprey Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5N 6E1, CANADA